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Make your home feel like a luxury hotel

Making your home feel like a luxury hotel

Is the lockdown driving you MAD? Check out these awesome tips to make your home feel like a luxury hotel!

Due to lockdown restrictions, you might find yourself still not able to visit us for your well-deserved vacation! So we thought we would try and help by bringing some of those vacation feelings right into your home!

1. Use a colour palette

Colour palettes help bring rooms together to look thought through and styled like a hotel room. Some hotels have an all-white feel that is loved by most people. For a living room, you may choose a black theme accentuated with red to blend eclectic elements. White is a peaceful colour and you can have your bedroom painted in all-white. You can have neutral colours for your guest room. A monochromatic colour scheme such as red and blue will be good for the study.

2. Have fresh cut flowers

All fine quality hotel suites and room have floral arrangements that we all desire. Many hotel staff members make it a routine to have fresh flowers every day in every room. This is a brilliant way of bringing your outdoors to the indoors. The colour of the flowers you choose is dependent on your preferences. However, you can never go wrong with white roses. Make it a habit to have flowers in your room, not plastic ones, but real flowers.

3. Roll your linen

Wonderful luxury at hotels is having surplus linen to use as you please. They stack more linen into smaller spaces by neatly rolling them into tubular forms. Use this tip in your home by rolling your linen in the same manner. The good thing about rolling the linen is that it does not require too much skill. Additionally, with the time you will understand which rolling technique works best for you. You can store the linen in baskets, racks or even baskets.

4. A deluxe bathrobe and slippers

This is among the most notable items we fancy in a hotel. They allow you to relax and feel pampered. Wearing a fluffy pair of slippers and a soft bathrobe in your home would give you the hotel-like feel you are dying to have. In a bathrobe, you can do everything around your home when spending time alone and you do not have to worry about wearing clothes that restrain your movement. The colour should be neutral and solid to achieve the ultimate luxurious experience within your home.

5. Use big to get beauty

The curtains in hotel rooms can completely blind external light from entering your room. This is because they have well-done curtains that neatly cover the windows and flow from the ceiling to the floor. The spanning of the curtain is a luxurious statement to the hotel room. Carpets in hotel rooms are also installed from wall to wall. Having a carpet in your home that runs under everything in the room makes the room look hotel-like and larger.

6. White Sheets

Most luxurious hotels have white sheets in every room. White sheets are associated with high standards of cleanliness. You can borrow this tip and change all the sheets in your bedrooms to white. The will readily blend in with your walls and linen to give you the classy hotel-like appearance. You will realize that brightly coloured sheets are somewhat annoying and sour to the eyes. White sheets will give you a more relaxed sleeping experience.

7. Small indulgences

Little details sometimes make the biggest differences. Hotels have little features that people always enjoy. For instance, you may enjoy the coffee you brew at the in-room bar. So how can you incorporate such aspect in your room? Look for a daily activity you find luxurious. It can be cold towels with essential oil, herbal tea, spa water or anything else you fancy more. Just make sure you have something that makes you feel the need to be in your home to get away from the hassles of the outside world.

8. Tone down

Interior designers of most hotel rooms prefer to go minimal. They manage to achieve glamour as they tone down. Bright, mismatched packaging for any room is harsh to the eye. Consider using bottles to organize the contents of your room in a visually pleasing manner. Some beautiful hotels use coloured glass bottles to place their toiletries. That is among the tiny details that leave a good impression on people staying in hotels. Bottles and other room organizers will help you achieve a minimalistic and aesthetic home design.

9. Make your home smell nice

In most of the hotel stays, you will notice that each of them have a signature scent. The smell is literary everywhere; from your room to the lobby and even the elevators. A good scent is vital in achieving a luxurious ambience for your home. You can use oil in a diffuser to give your home a specific scent signature. For your soft furnishing items such as curtains, you can use a specific type of conditioner for them. Add an air freshener for your bathroom. As you do all this, try to synchronize the scents to make sure they blend seamlessly.

10. Go for oversized furniture

If you look at most images you will notice the furniture are bigger than the average ones we have in most homes. Their lighting fixtures are also large and create a dramatic appearance that can only be associated with luxury hotel rooms. Over-scaled furniture can be comfy even when working in a small room. For small rooms, you will just have to use less furniture but make sure it is big. Your bed, for instance, should be king-size.

If you follow the tips, you will notice a difference in how your space looks and feels. It takes a lot of courage to implement these tips since they may seem as somewhat exaggerated. However, you need to realize that you cannot make a home look like a hotel by doing the ordinary. The key points are using neutral colours, embracing big things and having unique pieces for your home.

We hope these fun tips manage to keep your vacation cravings at bay until you can visit us again for your next holiday!


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