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How To 101

Master a new skill or just pick up some awesome and fun ideas. Browse through the comprehensive selection of the greatest how-to’s covering everything from packing the perfect beach picnic to making your own swimsuit. We have something for everyone here.

Simple beach life hacks

In this awesome video, we take a look at four simple, but highly effective beach life hacks that will make your next seaside outing a breeze. Give these simple and easy DIY beach tips and tricks a try on your next holiday. Let us know if you have any more helpful tips and share them…

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How to snorkel like a professional

In this awesome video, you’ll learn the top tips and tricks on how to snorkel like a professional! The KZN South Coast is known for its exceptional beach, tidal pools and abundance of marine life. At Dumela Margate, we are sure you will be spending a lot of time in the ocean. So why not…

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Is your car ready for the holiday journey

Is your car ready for the holiday journey you are about to embark on? Watch this video for information on the basic checks you should carry out before you leave on any long trip. Safety should always be your number one priority before leaving on any long trip. Here at Dumela, we want you to enjoy…

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FREE printable holiday checklist

If you’re dreaming of a seaside getaway this FREE printable holiday checklist will ensure that you don’t forget a thing! Our self-catering accommodation makes it easier than ever to start a family beach holiday tradition – no matter your family size or budget. We are ready and standing by to help you start making unforgettable…

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Fun things to do at the beach

Never have another boring day at the beach again! Here is list of 22 fun things to do at the beach that will not only keep you busy but help create memories of your holiday that will last a lifetime! It’s always summertime at Dumela Holiday Resort, and for many people, that means hitting up…

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Make your home feel like a luxury hotel

Is the lockdown driving you MAD? Check out these awesome tips to make your home feel like a luxury hotel! Due to lockdown restrictions, you might find yourself still not able to visit us for your well-deserved vacation! So we thought we would try and help by bringing some of those vacation feelings right into…

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Best DIY staycation

Read this best DIY staycation vacation home guide of 2020! So, the COVID-19 virus has you stuck at home, this video tutorial is a must watch! Maybe you can’t jump on an airplane and take your dream vacation right now. Heck, maybe you can’t even get a date night out. But you can still have…

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A Kwazulu-Natal taste Sensation

If we were asked to sum up a Kwazulu-Natal taste Sensation into one word, it would have to be curry! In case you can’t holiday with us right now, this mouthwatering video recipe will show you how to make your own scrumptious curry at home. We hope it helps to keep your cravings at bay…

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5 DIY home Spa treatments

We thought we would bring the spa treatments to you, with these 5 DIY home Spa treatments.  Seeing that we can’t enjoy a spa treatment due to the lockdown – as yet, learn about these quick and easy at-home spa treatments that will help turn your lockdown blues into a decadent spa pampering experience!    Rejuvenating Body Scrub Regular exfoliation is important for removing dead cells which can…

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