South Coast world-class attractions

KZN South Coast world-class attractions are so much more than just a beach holiday destination!

When most people think of the KZN South Coast, the beaches are what first come to mind. When in fact there is an abundance of other world-class attractions that make this piece of paradise a must-visit for all travellers! So let’s dive in and take a look.

Red Desert

The Red Desert is the smallest desert in the world and often likened to The Arizona Desert in USA. At only 200m in diameter, the desert comprises several habitats from the coastal marine, grasslands, coastal forests, scarp and swamp forests, krantzes, desert, riverine and wetland. Entry costs R30 per adult. Call 083 631 9331 or visit:

KwaXolo Caves Adventures

If you are a cultural or fitness enthusiast, KwaXolo Caves Adventures in Margate is the place to visit. Visitors will be taken along this incredible mountainside while attached on a fixed cable as the hike extends towards the KwaXolo Caves. As you venture to the caves, guides will delve into the San communities, open-rock shelters and rock paintings. Picnic spots are available. The experience costs R150. Call 076 185 3447 or 074 8873 742

Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide near Port Shepstone

Located close to the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, the Barry Porter Memorial Vulture Viewing Hide gives visitors the chance to observe Cape Vultures in their natural habitat. Entry costs R100 per adult and free for children under 14 years. Call 072 893 3794. Visit:

The KwaZulu Natal ‘Golf Coast’

As it is affectionately referred to, is one of the best-kept secrets of the South African golfing community. You’ll be spoilt for choice with a selection of over 11 courses. With each presents a multitude of different challenges and conditions that will have the raw amateur right up to the experienced and even professional player salivating.


Experience the ultimate rush at Wild 5 Adventures

If you are a thrill seeker looking for the adrenaline-rush of a lifetime, the Wild Gorge Swing in Oribi Gorge will offer you guaranteed over-the-edge excitement! Give in to gravity by hurling yourself off the edge of Lehr’s Falls in what must be the most adrenaline-inducing ride of your life! Rated as the world’s highest gorge swing, this activity means stepping (or diving) off the edge of the waterfall and plummeting into the 55-storey deep gorge. The free-fall is awesome and will have you accelerating up to the astounding speed of 120km/hours in 2.5 seconds. Visit:

In addition, there is an abundance of restaurants servicing mouthwatering meals that will send your taste buds on a trip around the world.

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