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Have A Laugh

Have a laugh at the funniest moments YouTube has to offer! Share the cutest pictures with your friends and read the most hilarious jokes. If you’re looking for light-hearted entertainment, this section has your name all over it!

Dear teenage girls

Dear teenage girls, watch this when you need inspiration and motivation and never forget you’re beautiful and the world is a better place simply because you are in it! As we approach the end of Women’s Month, we wanted to send out a special message to the incredible teenage girls of South Africa! You are…

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Kids VS the Beach

Watch this classic video compilation of Kids VS the beach! It seems the beach always comes out as the winner! Family memories are made to the beach and Dumela Margate. Do you remember your first trip to the beach? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks Iva Sativa for the great video! Don’t forget…

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Bathtub Day

It seems every year there is a new national or international day to celebrate. It’s not often you will hear us excited about one, but today (7 October) is Bathtub Day. Now, this is a day we can get behind! Or should we rather say into. In a world in which demands on your time…

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Welcome Spring

We could not think of a better way to welcome Spring than with this truly mesmerising time-lapse of these stunning flowers coming into bloom! Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button for more awesome content! Dumela Holiday Resort is situated in Margate the heart of the South Coast. We pride ourselves on being…

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Sandcastle Day

Who is ready for a trip down memory lane? The first Saturday of August is known worldwide as Sandcastle Day! We are sure reading this will transport you back to your childhood days of building sandcastles on the beach! Be honest now, when was the last time you actually built a sandcastle? Either with your…

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Strangest things found on the beach

We’ve all seen those individuals walking around with metal detectors on the beach sand. Have you ever wondered what some of the strangest things found on the beach are? Here is a video looking at 10 of the craziest and strangest things found on beaches across the world! Don’t forget to hit the like and…

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