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Memories that will last a lifetime

08-02 Dumela

When booking at holiday stay at Dumela Margate you are not only securing an amazing accommodation venue, you are also taking the first step towards creating memories that will last a lifetime!

While on holiday you will spend a considerable amount of time at your selected accommodation. We strive to ensure your stay will be as cozy, comfortable and as welcoming as possible. We encourage our guests to see our accommodation as their home away from home.

Dumela Holiday Resort is situated in Margate the heart of the South Coast. We pride ourselves on being the best family resort with various facilities on site which include a family swimming pool, thatched pub and exquisite braai areas just to name a few.

For more information:

Dumela@venturenet.co.za | 039 317-3302 or WhatsApp on (083) 785-4863, valid during office hours only.

Show off your experiences on the South Coast with us @DumelaMargate

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